Natural Hair Growth Treatments

For men

RIZN's products are dedicated to men suffering from hair loss or willing to improve their hair health as a preventative measure.

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    Next Generation Hair Growth Therapies

    RIZN's hair growth spray is a Therapy-16 based product, a patented hair growth formula, clinically proven to induce hair regrowth. Therapy-16 clinical trials have shown that 100% of patients experienced hair regrowth* after only 3 months of continuous usage. Even better results were shown after 6 months.

    *Regrowth levels vary from minimal to dense, with a majority of dense regrowth.

    “Clinical Trial results show that the synergy of Therapy-16's ingredients is more efficient at stopping hair loss than Minoxidil 5%.”

    “As the ingredients of Therapy-16 are natural health products, no systemic side effects were noted in our Clinical Trials.”